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Twenty Minute Blitz

February 16, 2013
Start TimeConverging LinesDominated by the Colour PinkSomeone Else's HandUnusual AngleAbstract Photo
End Time

Twenty Minute Blitz, a set on Flickr.

For my photo blitz, I decided to take photos in my room because 1) I didn’t feel like leaving my room, 2) it was dark outside, and 3) it was super duper cold. So, since I was in a confined space, I feel like I had a harder and more stressful time trying to take pictures to fit each criterion. But, even though I had a limited number of items to capture, I still think I did a decent job. The photos I think were the best were the ones I took closer to the end time because it took me a few minutes to get into the groove of looking for interesting subjects and looking at things more creatively.

Here are some of photos from other people that I saw and commented on because I thought they were really good:

Kids at UMW

I think I really liked this one because 1) the photo is taken outside and 2) inside, I miss running around an open field on a super nice day. I commented saying that even just taking a picture of Ball Circle would count as an idea of “openness” but I like how the photographer added in the kids.

Bonus: Lights on Lights on Lights

Okay, this photo is just straight up cool! Besides it just being a cool photo, I commented saying that it could also work for the “take a picture dominated by a single colour” exercise too. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right?

Forever Trapped

I love, love, love this photo too. I like how the photographer was able to get the window’s reflection into the photo without having a glare on the figure. I think this scene has a lot of potential too. the photographer could have taken the figure and shot it from a different angle such as from over its shoulder so we could see what it’s looking at outside the window.

Let me know what you guys think of my photo blitz photos!

February 17, 2013 at 1:55 pm

The blurred lights photo is called Bokeh. You should google it! There are tons and tons of them. But I love that effect too :D So pretty!

For your photos, I just have one suggestion for those close-up photos: try the Macro setting on your camera. It helps get those close photos without becoming blurry.

Happy blogging!

Miss Runner Bug
February 17, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Wow- I love love LOVE the photo of the lights close up. Are you a professional photographer or something? I also like how your “openess” picture also goes with a photo suggestion about the rule of thirds. Good job :)

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